In 2020 I set out to try something: Create a website/blog and share articles on pricing.

I had been collecting news articles on pricing since I started working at Simon-Kucher & Partners. Why? It always came in handy to have relevant and recent pricing strategy examples for inspiration and benchmarking.

The result: A website with a growing number of curated articles on pricing categorised and searchable for anyone interested in pricing.

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Did you know that in the Netherlands the ‘fresh’ fish that you find in the refrigerators is actually defrosted and could have been caught up to 2 years ago?

I sure did not! After finding out I wanted to try to find local farmers to buy groceries from directly, but it wasn’t easy to find them. makes it easy for consumers to find local farmers. The website is run by volunteers and already has mapped out >3000 farmers in the Netherlands by location, product category and even opening times.

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